Timepost 2.3

Web integrated time management


  • Works with seven web services
  • Timer view


  • Projects need to be created online

Very good

There are loads of excellent web project management tools like Basecamp or Harvest, making it easy to collaborate with other people on tasks even if you're not in the same building. However tracking the time you spent on these online web projects can be hell if you don't plan it right.

Timepost seems to successfully solve this issue as not only those it work with up to seven different excellent web collaboration tools but all in a simple interface. Once you've selected your web tool and entered your login details you'll be able to select the project and task to work on. Simply press the start button to begin tracking. Once you're done press pause.

Time spent on a project will be recorded directly in your web collaboration tool, yet Timepost also keeps a log, in case the web tool didn't save it properly. Once thing to note is that the application will not let you do anything more than tracking time in your web collaboration tool.

If you work with web collaboration tools, then Timepost will allow you to track time spent on projects and tasks.

Timepost is a desktop time tracking solution that integrates with web-based project collaboration software. Timepost offers reliable offline time tracking for Basecamp, Blinksale, FogBugz, FreshBooks, Harvest, Tick, and more.

Manually reentering hours online causes delays and estimating time can be inaccurate. Timepost saves you time by directly entering recorded time to the internet. Stop wasting your valuable time performing unnecessary steps when you can easily download a free trial of Timepost and get started in minutes.



Timepost 2.3

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